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About Rebel Cause Inc

Rebel Cause Inc is a not for profit organization founded in 2016 by a group of young adults’ dedicated to equitable and sustainable communities in Boston and around the world.
Through our unique incubation program we facilitate the coalition and integration of community service work and social service initiatives and programs founded and operated by young adults of color serving underserved communities of color.

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As a non-profit organisation, Rebel Cause relies on the sponsorship and support of governmental, non-governmental, and industry organisations, as well as support via donations both by organisations and individuals.  Rebel Cause is continuously looking for general sponsors and project-based partners,  striving to ensure that they reflect the diversity displayed by our organization. Read More


We are honored that you are interested in serving as a team member of Rebel Cause Inc. As a 100% volunteer-run 501c3, we rely on a special and dedicated group of volunteers to help keep us going! This is an opportunity for motivated queer-identified and young minority community organizers to have a hand at growing and developing a start-up non-profit.

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Rebel Cause

Rebel Cause Inc is a living and learning organization. At its core, the right to individual and community self-determination drives our movement.We use an ecological model and trauma-informed approach to building community.
Communities are complex and innovation in those areas requires patience, compassion, and a stroke of madness and it’s our philosophy that the solutions needed to address them often require a creative and compassionate approach.

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