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Independent Media Project: AFRO-WANDERS

Two queer Black Social Justice Nomads take off in their tiny house to discover the harrowingly bright stories of resistance throughout America’s forgotten communities. – Afro-Wanderers
Resilience and resistance are integral to the conception of black identities and experiences across the diaspora (negritude, etc.). What we’re able to create in the face of relentless oppression is a miracle—our survival in and of itself is a miracle; yet we seldom incorporate the feats of the everyday black folx—folx that thrive through oppression, disability, disenfranchisement, poverty, and countless other intersectional marginalized experiences without the sensationalism of their narratives. The popularized contemporary narratives of resilience and resistance are typically intertwined with capitalist values. Successful resilience has thus become synonymous with wealth, respectability, and celebrity status. Though these narratives are important and necessary, their stories will be the primary ones represented in our account of black history. The memories and truths of countless Afro-descendant folx will be hidden under the guise of pseudo- inclusionary figures. Rebel Cause aims to challenge this hegemonic narrative by preserving the untold stories of our forgotten resistance. The stories and plights of everyday black folx deserve to be told. The Afro- Wanderers project was founded on the principles of diversity and inclusion. The project’s goal is to challenge entrenched cultural narrative and peer a lens into lives lived outside of today’s white, male, elitist, sexist sensationalist social construct that undermines fairness, tolerance and inclusion.

Rebel Cause Inc. aka Rebel Kids is a not for profit organization founded in 2016 by a group of young adults’ dedication to developing equitable and sustainable communities in Boston and around the world. Our mission is to encourage the development of sustainable communities by presenting opportunities for social and economic development to disenfranchised individuals, families and communities throughout the US and around the world. One of our members has recently converted a van into a tiny home to embark on a cross-country journey documenting the untold narratives of queer, black, differently abled, undocumented youth living resilient lives that challenge the historically popularized narratives of resistance. Through interviews and archival storytelling, Rebel Cause aims to highlight what resistance and resilience looks like outside of the traditionally sensationalized stories. We aim to highlight the lives of those who experience the brunt of the residual effects of colonization, disenfranchisement, and laissez-faire governance.
The Afro-Wanderers docu-series honors and centers the tradition of Oral Storytelling as a tool of resistance and resilience for People of Color. Afro-Wanderers acknowledges the power of communities telling their stories amongst allies and centering their healing through revelation. As nomadic peoples of multiple Afro- diasporas, Afro-Wanderers seeks to unify these stories through shared experience and rich multimedia archiving. This project intends to capture the “rememory” of cultural traumas as explored in the art of Toni Morrison. Indigenous storytelling methods inform this fresh approach to “cinema-verite.”