NEDRRS Mutual Aid Group

New England Direct Reparations and Resource Sharing mutual aid group is operated via Facebook and serves as a community coalition of young adults who come together to crowdsource for disenfranchised individuals that are in need of immediate financial and in-kind-support whom various expenses include medication, groceries, debt relief, rent assistance, etc. Under the umbrella of Rebel Cause Inc and NEMARS works in partnership to provide funds to develop much needed social support services.

Our target demographic focuses on marginalized individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, POC, homeless (or unstable housing), Disabled, and Undocumented immigrants throughout New England. A common application would be distributed to all Mutual Aid Groups across New England with priority given to communities of color in Boston’s Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan where over 53% of the population is people of color. This application will be used to identify those in need of financial relief related to COVID19 and will provide disbursements of micro-grants amounting to $20-50 for each qualifying individual that demonstrates need. Funds would be tracked and dispersed through digital payment systems such as Cash App, Pay Pal, Venmo, etc. For documentation of the demonstrated need, we would request bank account statements, emails providing proof of employment status (I.e. laid off, pay decreased, hours cut, etc).

The common application will offer the option to applicants who are granted funds the opportunity to participate in a docuseries run by Rebel Cause Inc, called Afro-Wanderers—wherein participants can share how the COVID19 pandemic has affected their lives. Through interviews, Afro-Wanderers aims to highlight the lives of those who experience the brunt of the residual effects of colonization, disenfranchisement, and laissez-faire governance, especially during this time. Afro-Wanderers acknowledges the power of communities telling their stories amongst allies and centering their healing through revelation. These interviews will be shared widely on NEMARS group page, Rebel Cause page, website, and Instagram.

Here is the link to the google form: Rebel Cause Inc and NEDRRS Partnership Form: Grant Support Application

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